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I love the Organic Facial Exfoliator!  I felt as if I was getting a facial without my  skin being ripped off.  My face feels as soft as a baby's bottom.  OMG I can't stop touching it.!"

Holly Hawthorne

I have Bursitis in both hips.  The Himalayan Lavender Salt Bath helped to relax my muscles.  Also, the Lavender essential oils was so calming.  A day after my bath, I put the dried rose petals in my bed.  It helped me to relax and sleep .  Thanks Lillie Mae!

Dolores Warren

I absolutely love the Cornflower and Goat's Milk soap bar.  It was so visually appealing I didn't want to use it. My body loved the exfoliating cornflower and I honestly I fell in love.  Heart-fingers.  

Dominick Gregory

I've suffered from hot-flashes for over two years.  I've lived in complete agony and the embarrassing gallons of sweat escaping from my blistering skin is so embarrassing.  Thank you for creating the Menopause Spritzer.  It immediately calms my flashes and the fused essential oils smells amazing!  

Derna Hickerson

These products are amazing! They smell sooo good. The acne spray works wonders! My husband loves the men’s line of aftershave and bath soak for tired muscles! He is also crazy about my body butters!! All natural and handmade! You can’t beat it and won’t find these alluring smells anywhere else! 
Thanks, Lillie Mae Products

Angie Caster

I Love the Shine, I Love the Smell, and I Love the Softness of my hair! Thanks for giving me another option of treating my Natural Hair.  Rosemary Hydrating Hair Cream is the best.

Ursula Houston

I used my products and the rest was history. Skin feels awesome and I slept like a baby. Praise God for Lillie Mae Aromatherapy. 

Tee Patt

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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